Wherever and whenever odor imposes on your life

How We Got Started

I have a skill. It is finding things or people. My vision is to be able to see what is inane in one place and golden in another. I intermediate. I had done this 6 times for 6 projects.

I was getting an idea about the seventh when.....

I was a substitute teacher between projects. It was Friday before the big game. All the kids were suitably excited (uncontrollable??) .  One was not. Allison was below the snake's belly.  "I have to travel 5 hours to see my grandmother in a  nursing home and the odor around her is just awful."  I gave her my product (packaged but as yet  unbranded) with precise guidance as to application.

On Monday she was back to normal (energetic, ADHD, hormonal, female teenager!)... "So how did it go?"

"Oh, Mr. Hoster, Now I can approach my grandmother!!"


And that, my friends, is how and why we have branded this superior solution. We also figured we could play loads of word games with the name.

So we went to QVC (doesn't everyone?)  See us for stories of the process. We were #3 (for volume and velocity) amongst the contestants who got on air in the Decade of Discovery Tour (100 products in 10 weeks in 2005). We sold out in 2 minutes.   Write us, I have the video.